CEO Brian Krzanich said the company is 100% committed to creating the roadmap for products optimized to support artificial intelligence (AI).

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has written an editorial in which he has revealed that the company has invested more than $ 1 billion in advancing AI (AI) businesses.

Krzanich explained that “Intel is making strategic investments that include technology, R & D and partnerships with companies, governments, academies and community groups. We are deeply committed to the promise of AI, conducting research on neuromorphic computing, exploring new architectures and learning paradigms. “

“I think Intel will be the platform of choice for AI, offering  unparalleled reliability, performance, security and integration. We are 100% committed to creating the roadmap for optimized products to support the emerging workloads of AI’s mainstream, “said the CEO.

The company has made the investments through its  Intel Capital  investment arm including financing for a number of artificial intelligence startups, including Data Robot, Mighty AI and Lumiata.

Intel sees enormous potential in the AI ​​and has been positioning itself through acquisitions and corporate restructurings to focus on this technology . The chip giant has acquired Altera , Nervana Systems and Movidius and has also established its own artificial intelligence group and an AI laboratory for advanced research and development.