The new InterSystems platform will be available globally in January 2018.

According to a recent IDC report called “Choosing a DBMS to Address the Challenges of the Third Platform,”   47% of organizations say that unanticipated data has had a negative impact on their companies . One of the main causes of these unexpected data is the dependence of data mining, transformation and data loading ( ETL ) infrastructures to move data between applications and platforms.

In this line, InterSystems has introduced  InterSystems IRIS Data Platform , a high-performance data platform that provides all the critical capabilities for the rapid development of data-intensive and mission-critical applications, including advanced data management, interoperability , transaction processing and analysis.

“We have designed InterSystems IRIS Data Platform taking into account solution developers with all the critical capabilities to create applications that will address the future,” said Paul Grabscheid, vice president of Strategic Planning at InterSystems . “The presentation of the IRIS Data Platform represents a big step forward in the database industry and is part of InterSystems’ rich history of technical innovations focused on solving real business problems.”

“More and more companies want to be able to carry out analyzes and transactions on a consistent set of up-to-date data, instead of having a different specialized database for each operational and analytical workload,” said Carl Olofson, vice president of Data Management Software Research at IDC . “InterSystems leverages its open architecture with the IRIS Data Platform, which is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructures and applies the most advanced technologies to support the wide variety of customer environments and application requirements. ”