InterSystems is focused on its new platform to agglutinate the development of mission critical applications with the management of large volumes of data and analysis in real time.

The manufacturer InterSystems , known mainly for tools such as Caché and Ensemble for the Health sector , has released details of a new platform based on them but that integrates analytical and transactional capabilities, as well as development and deployment of applications that make intensive use of the data.

It is InterSystems IRIS Data Platform , whose abbreviations refer to Interoperable , Reliable (reliable), Intuitive (intuitive) and Scalable (scalable). In a few words it is a database management system to which functionalities that revolve around the data have been added. As indicated by Jordi Calvera, Country Manager of InterSystems , “this platform allows to collect, integrate, manage and analyze both structured and unstructured data”.

Among its features, the manager highlighted its simplicity, interoperability with different data sources, analytical exploitation, horizontal and vertical scalability and compatibility with the most widespread public clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud . But the most important thing is that this analysis of the data can be done in real time without the need to stop the systems.

In this way, customers can acquire all kinds of valuable information from the data they manage and generate each day without having to wait for hours or days. With all this, Calvera ensures that the sectors addressed by IRIS go beyond Health: “we have projects in segments such as Retail , Government , Finance , Logistics , IoT , Manufacturing …”.

These analytical capabilities include modalities such as Business Analytics, Predictive Analysis, processing of large volumes of distributed data and machine learning, in addition to the commented analysis in real time. Moreover, application developers can integrate these functionalities into business processes and transactional applications, something that until now was not possible.

In the section on development of applications based on the database engine provided by IRIS, it should be noted that the company has opted for an IDE based on open standards that it has named InterSystems Atelier . At the same time, it is compatible with the ecosystem Eclipse , the open source development environment that allows the use of languages ​​such as Java, XML, JSON and Angular, among others. As a whole, it is possible to develop applications both on the server side and on the client side and capable of connecting with the most widespread data sources.

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform will be available at the beginning of 2018.