The evolution of the company, which has just taken over HPE software assets worth $ 8.8 billion, goes through a strategy of acquisitions, a solvent operating model and business management and customer-focused innovation, according to their maximum agent in EMEA.

umber seven in the global software market in terms of turnover and number two in Europe , surpassed only by SAP . This is the result of the sum of HPE’s software assets to Micro Focus . The operation, which finally took place last September 1 in exchange for $ 8.8 billion , clears more uncertainties; Micro Focus will play with 18,000 employees worldwide and over $ 4 billion in turnover and will be the UK’s largest technology company by market capitalization . This is a new project endorsed by the “union of the portfolio of two companies that have been innovating for decades in the territory”, explains Jorge Dinarés, international president of Micro Focus for the EMEA region, in a telephone conversation with ComputerWorld . “We are now better able to value customers.”

To keep climbing in the market you have to be accurate with the needs of the companies. These have many times with little budget to devote to Information Technology . Therefore, managing your budget with customized solutions has become one of the great must in the industry. In this sense, Dinarés believes that, despite the growing trend to the cloud world ,we move into hybrid IT environments where solutions need to be deployed to enable multiple deployments models either in the cloud itself or in traditional systems. “In this scenario, the rule is not to innovate for innovation. One of our great challenges is to create the connection between traditional systems and new technologies to give a certain value that impacts on the ROI of our customers, “he says.

With the clear objective, the future of the new Micro Focus is to maintain a platform of innovation and an operating model that allows it to continue making acquisitions in the future. This is undoubtedly one of the main strands of the strategy that has been carried out by the company in recent times and that will continue to cultivate in its route. In fact, and in addition to this last big purchase, in 2014 acquired Attachmate , which owns the company Linux SUSE . “The software market has grown a lot in recent years. And, with our business model we are prepared to be the company that consolidates this market, “he says. The keys, we said, go through a powerful portfolio of solutions, a customer-focused business management strategy, a solvent operating model and the future integration of new companies that add innovation to their offer.

The tour as an endorsement

The new chapter of the adventure of this ‘renewed’ organization seemed to open with ambition without measure. However, Dinarés wanted to put his foot on the brake, be realistic and try to gain, little by little, the areas in which he concentrates his activity. For example, the infrastructures that go from DevOps to the solutions that can take advantage of the applications. To this end, it has focused on data analytics as a guarantor of the value that customers can extract. “We will supply all our solutions with embedded analytics.”

But, recalls Dinarés, the trajectory of Micro Focus does not begin here. From 2011 to 2016 the company’s quotations have grown 700% , well above giants like Amazon or Facebook that have done so by 399 and 323% respectively. Thus, the company does not start from scratch, but has an important route behind it, focused mainly on the large account. 98 of Fortune 100 companies are already Micro Focus customers.

The Spanish market on the horizon

Micro Focus will have more than 130 employees to support the fifth European market, behind Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy . “The market in the country will be very important for our strategy,” says Dinarés. “In addition, in the last seven years has had a fantastic evolution.” The main challenges of Spanish companies, he explains, are basically the same as in different countries. Namely; manage an increasingly complex environment in which to transition to cloud models , security and data analysis. “We will give the most support in function to the needs of business”.