Kaspersky IoT Scanner is a tool that analyzes the network for problems.

Since there are more than 6 billion IoT devices currently in use and cybercrime attacks that take advantage of them are increasingly frequent, Kaspersky Lab has announced a solution to protect users.

This is Kaspersky IoT Scanner , which is a free application for Android, currently in beta, which analyzes the home wifi network to report on the level of security of the smart devices connected to it. That is, routers, IP cameras, network storage devices, media servers, televisions, printers, computers, tablets and smartphones .

What Kaspersky IoT Scanner does is to memorize and scan these devices to notify when it detects a change of connection or hazards such as open ports and poor configuration of passwords .

This should limit the risk. And, “instead of making life easier for their owners, smart devices are becoming increasingly a weak link in its security”, they commented from Kaspersky Lab, whose solution has been made available in a number limited number of countries in Russian and English.