The Ripple is a cryptocurrency that emerged in 2012, based on the paradigm of partner to partner. In which, all transactions are verified by mutual consent between the members of the network. Also, Ripple works as a payment platform, known as RippleNet. Which works with a gross settlement system in real time.

In this way, RippleNet allows transactions to be made instantly without waiting times; like those that are handled in traditional banking systems. For this reason, every day is more adopted by financial companies that seek to take advantage of this system.

The Ripple rises

Today, the Ripple (XRP) has reached a value of $ 0.49. A record for this low profile cryptocurrency . Noting that it will continue to increase in value in the coming weeks.

The first reason for this increase is the RippleNet system, which is already part of important banks in the world. It also partnered with American Express  last week, making it known that it would now be a company that would use cryptocurrencies soon. In this way, Ripple manages to generate trust among users and increase their popularity, which translates into an increase in their market value.

Nothing stops the BTC

On the other hand, Bitcoin, the dominant cryptocurrency, has had its best time this year, with a current price of $ 16,251. In this sense, increasing its value increases its popularity. And consequently, the popularity of alternative cryptocurrencies like the Ripple.

In another instance, the company’s announcement of securing $ 55 million as custodian funds has generated greater confidence among investors ; since said money is not available for the exchange.