The South Korean company has taken advantage of its presence in the fair IFA of Berlin to give to know its plans of future in domótica.

LG Electronics is still betting on its diversification and this time it does announcing its strategy towards the field of intelligent home .

According to Song Dae-hyun, director of the Appliance and Air Conditioning Solutions division, LG wants to expand its home automation business, and in order to do so, it intends to double its investments in mergers and acquisitions in artificial intelligence technology and the Internet of the Things point in the Korea Herald .

On the other hand, apart from the purchase of companies, the executive stressed that LG is in the final phase in the face of the commercial launch of its robots , which have received orders from various industries such as shopping centers and bookstores.

He also recalled that his company “was the first to add Wi-Fi to all its appliances lines this year.”

LG’s idea is to provide value to consumers by establishing an intelligent home ecosystemthat pivots on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and robotics technologies.

On the other hand, LG also plans to strengthen its alliances with other ICT giants such as Google and Amazon , so that its products can be compatible with the virtual assistants of those companies.

In that sense, although LG has proprietary language recognition technology , including competitive options will help make your products more attractive.