As of 2018, all new televisions, refrigerators and ThinQ devices will have features developed with deep learning.

The South Korean corporation LG has artificial intelligence one of the pillars of its future business strategy. Therefore, it has decided to integrate all its artificial intelligence products and services under the new LG ThinQ brand .

According to Engadget , LG will launch products and services that use artificial intelligence with the new sub-brand starting in 2018. All of its new televisions, refrigerators, electronic devices and distributed services such as ThinQ will have features developed with deep learning techniques and will be able to communicate with each other.

LG advanced that its next products will use its own artificial intelligence technology, DeepThinQ , as well as those of its partners, but did not give more details or possible characteristics of them.

The South Korean company already has smart devices in the market under the banner SmartThinQ , as the Smart Hub, but with the new brand aims to “highlight LG’s smart products.” The multinational says that “artificial intelligence is the next frontier in technology, and as a leader in household appliances and consumer electronics, we have the responsibility to make the AI ​​more accessible and less intimidating”.

Over the past year, LG has already advanced its intentions to focus on artificial intelligence . At CES 2017, he announced his DeepThinQ deep learning technology . The company also opened an Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Seoul to house all its research in this field related to voice, video and sensors.