A few years after the appearance of bitcoin, Charlie Lee created his own crypto currency. It worked without complex developments, because Lee simply took the Bitcoin Core code, slightly changed the block-time and the majoring algorithms and thus created a new coin.

However, over time, the team of developers of “digital silver” has set itself the task of introducing exclusive options into this crypto currency, for which the original version of the base code was updated. After considering the community, the team is preparing to launch the final version of the software product.

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By the end of 2017, when the price of the coin reached $ 371, Litecoin attracted the attention of users of crypto currency. In 2017, it went up by 5280%, eclipsing even the growth of bitcoin (1400%) over the same period. However, the coin failed to gain a foothold on the top, and gradually the price went down. Now, against the backdrop of the recent market collapse, Litecoin is trying to stay at the level of $ 150.

Litecoin received his portion of criticism when Charlie Lee was accused of allegedly putting pressure on the popular Coinbase currency exchange, forcing him to add his brainchild. In addition, when the coin reached its peak, Lee publicly announced that he had sold all his assets in Litecoins.

The main parameters of Litecoin resemble those of bitcoins. In fact, Litecoin copies bitcoin even more than BCash. For example, BCash does not include the Segregated Witness upgrade, and the Litecoin has activated this option even before bitcoin.

The primary goal of “digital silver” is to become a convenient means for payments. To the same tends and bitcoin. After the launch of payment processing LitePay, many operators introduce support for light-payment.

Recently, Charlie Lee posted a list of such operators on Twitter: he includes Aliant Payments, BTCPay, BitcoinPay and many others

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