SAP is the management software that dominates the large account in Spain. And now reinforce that leadership. The German firm includes Mercadona , the Valencian company that leads the supermarket sector in this country, a company with a turnover in 2016 of just over 21.6 billion euros, profits of 636 million and a network of 1,620 supermarkets .

Specifically, SAP has signed a five-year agreement with the company of Juan Roig that is part of the digital innovation plan to transform and optimize the processes of procurement, logistics, finance, human resources, store management and customer relations. Mercadona will deploy large-scale SAP software and services. All this will be managed from SAP’s private cloud, which, according to a note from the German company, “reduces the risk of implementation in a fully scalable and secure environment from which all mission-critical applications will operate.”

The SAP S / 4 HANA platform, which will manage data from the food retailer, will “eliminate traditional boundaries between transactional, analytical and planning systems, providing immediate information with real-time analysis, as well as simplifying and massively standardizing processes and technologies through a system that eliminates data replications, reconciliations or redundancies. ” In this way, the managers of Mercadona will obtain “a unique, truthful and real-time data of any point of their processes”.

Mercadona will also adopt the specific SAP suite for the retail sector

Mercadona also adopt specific suite of SAP for the retail sector, designed to help companies in the retail distribution sector meet the demands of the digital economy, supporting all the basic processes of distribution, from master data management to the point of sale. In addition, the deployment of SAP in Mercadona allow analysis of operational data “at the highest level of granularity”.

Employee management

The project will also entail the launch of SAP Success Factors, a human resources management platform that will cover Mercadona’s 79,000 employees and involves the digitization of their processes in this key area. The new platform will give greater autonomy and participation of managers in coordinating teams and managing talent. In addition to the areas of recruitment, payroll, training, Mercadona will also have a solution that will allow you to plan and manage your staff.

For Aleix Juan, Mercadona’s general director of computing , implementing SAP will allow the company to “access the advantages of having a simple and simple computing, in which business processes are reflected and to which we can bring more value.” For his part, João Paulo da Silva, general manager of SAP in Spain,  states that “with this step Mercadona becomes one of the first Spanish companies to bet on a powerful digital transformation model. We are very satisfied with this agreement that allows us to strengthen the close relationship based on the trust that both organizations maintain. “