The manufacturer will offer hybrid or fully electric versions of its vehicles, adding a minimum of 50 new options of electric models that year.

The list of traditional car manufacturers that join the electric vehicle grows with the German Mercedes-Benz . The Stuttgart company has announced that it will electrify its entire line of vehicles by 2022.

Dieter Zetsche, chairman of Mercedes-Benz’s board of directors, said the manufacturer will offer hybrid or fully electric versions of its vehicles by 2022, adding a minimum of 50 new electric model options at that time, TechCrunch reports . For its part, Smart, the small car brand of Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, will have a fully electric range by 2020.

This decision puts Mercedes-Benz in the same line of other high-end car manufacturers, including Volvo – which has committed to offering a fully electric line for 2019 – and the luxury brand Lincoln – owned by Ford, which also has set 2022 as the deadline to offer electric variants of each of its models.

The electrification of cars paracer an unstoppable phenomenon, especially now that China, the biggest car market in the world at the moment, has announced plans to eventually ban the sale of powered by fossil fuels entirely vehicles at a date yet to determine

This is not trivial. China’s vehicle sales figures are increasing at an impressive annual pace, so carmakers should reconfigure their long-term strategy to focus on electric vehicles if the Asian giant favors this technology. Other major markets, such as France and the UK, have also advanced plans to eliminate fossil fuel cars by 2040.