He praises the opportunities offered by the newly released Pivotal Container Service, which is the result of a strategic partnership between Pivotal, VMware and Google.

In an interview with CRN , Michael Dell said that Pivotal Container Service  (PKS) – the result of a partnership between Pivotal, VMware and Google – is a natural solution for existing VMware customers and presents  an obvious opportunity for solution providers .

At the annual VMWorld USA 2017 conference in Las Vegas, California, VMware and Pivotal – two members of Dell Technologies’ strategically aligned business family – introduced the Pivotal Container Service with Google Cloud .

Michael Dell has now stated that VMware’s big partners will be “crazy” if they miss out on the PKS opportunity and have stressed that integrating the service is crucial to staying as “relevant stakeholders in the future.”

In recent years, containers have become big business and, according to Gartner , by the end of 2016 25% of workloads have  already been implemented using containers. Its widespread adoption has been driven primarily by developers to operate and manage an environment in which containers operate safely at scale.

Pivotal Container Service (PKS) is exactly that environment, a platform that allows application teams to self-manage Kubernetes clusters.  PKS is a commercially supported version of the open-source Kubo project that incorporates two new capabilities for Pivotal customers: a simple way to deploy and operate Kubernetes in business-grade and a seamless mechanism to migrate to container-based workloads to execute on-premises (on premise) VMware vSphere and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).