Companies will allow their respective virtual assistants to interact with each other.

The one of the virtual assistants is one of the technological sectors that are living a moment of boom. Traditionally dominated by Apple and Siri, the emergence of Microsoft’s Cortana in 2014, the conversion of Google Now into Google Assistant and the expansion of Alexa through the network of Amazon smartphones define a dynamic scenario that has just been incorporated with Samsung Bixby, in a test more than the big ones do not want to lose trump.

A new movement has further entangled this panorama. Microsoft and Amazon have announced a collaboration agreement according to which their virtual assistants Cortana and Alexa will be able to interact with each other , allowing the user to move from one to another simply by giving the command by voice that the change takes place.

The companies emphasize in their respective announcements how this integration simplifies the accomplishment of tasks to the consumer. Thus, Alexa customers will be able to use unique Cortana features, such as accessing work calendars, emailing or signing up and viewing reminders. In turn, those of Cortana can control their smart devices, buy on Amazon or perform some of the 20,000 tasks that have developed third parties for Alexa.

Microsoft adds that this cross-functional will be available throughout the year on all computers with Windows 10 and the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show. In the future it will also expand to devices with Android and iOS systems.

Amazon collects the statements of the CEOs of both companies. Satya Nadella emphasized that integration is advancing in its goal of “ensuring that Cortana is available to our customers everywhere and in any device.” Jeff Bezos adds that the alliance will serve to “complement each other and provide consumers with a richer and even more useful experience.”