The two companies will collaborate in the development of a new programming interface for the field of Deep Learning.

Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have just announced the creation of Gluon , a new programming interface aimed at developers working on Deep Learning tasks .

Through this interface, developers will be able to build Machine Learning models with the use of a Phyton API , as well as a variety of optimized and predefined neural network components.

Thanks to Gluon , developers can benefit from all levels of knowledge , since they can create neural networks in a simple way without affecting performance.

Microsoft says that although Deep Learning engines like Apache’s MXNet, Microsoft’s own Cognitive Toolkit and Tensorflow have been able to accelerate the learning process, developers must implement complex, long code if they want to work with those tools.

In addition, they point out that tools that have a simpler construction model than Gluon, require a much longer training period.

In that sense, they are confident that the new interface will be on a medium level, so that it is easy to use and can be learned without undue difficulty .