They have announced the Open Neural Network Exchange project, whose code is available on GitHub.

Microsoft and Facebook have been developing an open source project, which they now publish, in the field of artificial intelligence.

It is the Open Neural Network Exchange , abbreviated as ONNX , which provides a shared model representation for innovation in artificial intelligence frameworks , as they have explained.

This representation would emphasize, on the one hand, to help optimizations reach more developers. And, on the other hand, for interoperability . The ONNX standard would allow you to move between frameworks to choose the most suitable tool for each task. And, thus, be more agile.

Both Cognitive Toolkit and Caffe2 and PyTorch will support ONNX from this month. And the initial version of the code and documentation on ONNX are now available on GitHub . “We hope that the community helps us to evolve,” say those responsible.

“The ONNX representation forms the basis of an open ecosystem that makes artificial intelligence more accessible and valuable,” they say from Microsoft. “Developers can choose the right framework for their task, framework authors can focus on innovative improvements and hardware vendors can rationalize optimizations. We hope the ONNX community will support this exciting vision. ”

Facebook considers ONNX “the first step towards an open ecosystem where artificial intelligence developers can easily move between cutting-edge tools and choose the combination that suits them best.”

It is, in short, “a new open ecosystem for interchangeable artificial intelligenceframeworks “.