The B-Series line is designed for intermittent workloads, which make use of CPU bursts.

New Microsoft tools for working on systems that do not need continued high performance. The company of Redmond has just presented its range of virtual machines for Azure , which have been called B-Series. This line is specially designed to provide flexible CPU usage at the lowest possible price of any size of existing infrastructure.

The B-Series has been created with those workloads that Azure uses intermittently, doing CPU performance with peak currents, according to one of Azure’s managers, Corey Sanders, in an entry in the corporate blog .

These are small uses of databases, web servers and development and testing environments , where workloads can use a small fraction of the CPU available for long periods, and then need all the power due to issues of work or traffic peaks.

The new line makes it possible to have the full load of the CPU available when needed, without having to pay for its entirety. It is a more economically adjusted offer, which allows you to deploy these workloads efficiently and with greater flexibility.

“While B-Series virtual machines are running at low performance and not using full CPU performance, the virtual machine instance generates credits. When the virtual machine has accumulated enough credit, you can exploit your use, up to 100% of the vCPU for the period of time that the application requires the highest CPU capacity, “explains Sanders.

This new network is not launched completely, but is being deployed in its trial version in different regions, with the idea that throughout the year you will reach more territories.