The device of mixed reality of Microsoft is already available from 3,299 euros for developers and 5,489 euros in the version for companies.

Almost two years after its launch in the US, the HoloLens arrive in Spain . Microsoft has begun the commercialization of its glasses of mixed reality in our country, which will have an initial price of 3,299 euros.

The HoloLens are available in the Microsoft online store in two versions : Development Edition and Commercial Suite. The developer version will cost 3,299 euros , while the commercial version has a price of 5,489 euros , reports Microsoft Insider .

The Development Edition is aimed at developers and includes documentation, tutorials and access to community forums to obtain the necessary support to create new solutions based on mixed reality.

As for the Commercial Suite version , it is focused on development companies. In addition to the features of the Development model, it has business features to achieve better security management and devices. Both work with the Windows 10 operating system.

In one version or another, the fact is that Microsoft’s mixed reality device will only be available to developers and companies with certain economic potential. In exchange for the disbursement, Redmond’s company promises “the world’s first autonomous holographic computer”.

Microsoft has also advanced that it is working to incorporate into the HoloLens some of the software updates most demanded by current customers. To this end, it will launch an update early next year.