Juniper Research estimates that 36% of the population in developing regions will use microfinance in 2022.

Mobile microfinance is enabling the financial inclusion of poor regions of the world. And the presence of microfinance services will increase.

This is determined by the consultancy Juniper Research , which explains that this year 22% of the population of developing regions will use microfinance . But in five years, by 2022, it will be 36% . Or, what is the same, there will be 1.8 billion people living in those regions.

The increase in deployments should be noteworthy in developing Asia.

Juniper Research also emphasizes that the offers are being adapted to the needs of new markets and that innovation is being sought to solve complex social problems.

“By identifying local deficiencies in financial services and closing gaps, operators can simultaneously improve customer retention and help lift those clients out of poverty by providing developed services that have specific, localized needs in mind,” he says. researcher Lauren Foye.

That is, if we overcome barriers such as lack of regulation or cultural and religious differences.