Juniper Research explains that mobile transactions benefit from the issue of tickets for metro and plane.

This year, for the first time, the mobile ticketing business will surpass that based on the PC.

At least so predicts the consultant Juniper Research , which explains that transactions through mobile devices will have the remarkable contribution of the metro and plane tickets. In fact, these types of tickets, along with bus tickets, are the most outstanding among users, ahead of tickets for events.

The issuance of tickets without contact for transport is spreading especially in cities such as Europe.

Looking to 2018 , it is believed that purchases of tickets via mobile or wearables will exceed 14,000 million . By then they will contribute more than half (54%) of the sales of digital tickets for transport and events.

And, in 2020, users of digital tickets in general, on all platforms, will rise above 1,800 million. Of them, mobile NFC will contribute 215 million.

And what will happen later? For example, that new areas, such as chatbots, will be explored. Thus, in 2022 , transactions through messaging chatbots should be around 6,000 million .