MobileIron has announced the release of its new version for Apple, which responds to the growing need for companies to offer their employees the ability to use a Mac. This version is designed to provide MobileIron’s innovative security model and its access to macOS, in order to increase Mac security and reduce the complexity of IT operations. The new version also offers compatibility from “zero day” with iOS 11, functionality that Apple will possibly release later this month.

Millennials boost Mac use in enterprises

Apple has earned the hearts, minds and pockets of many Millennials. Research companies have concluded that Apple is the first brand among the Millennials, a brand with which this generation is more loyal and more committed. As a result, as Millennials have been gaining access to the labor market, the use of the Mac has been multiplying in companies. Thus, according to TrendForce, Mac’s supply in the corporate segment grew 17 percent during the second quarter of 2017. However, many Macs used in enterprises carry a serious security risk, either because they no longer manages the IT department or because it becomes more complex its operation, when using inherited solutions in its administration.

The new security concept and the MobileIron access model

Desktop and mobile operating system architectures converge more and more, so IT teams should try to reduce the number of technologies they use to manage their handsets. The launch of MobileIron for Apple has been designed to enable secure access and manage current handset models with the same easy-to-use console. Expected functionalities include:

  • Protection of the data in a Mac, ensuring the delivery of applications and their configuration.
  • Protection of data when leaving a Mac, securing the connection through MobileIron Tunnel, which provides an RPV before the application and eliminates the need to use a third-party independent RPV.
  • Protection of data in the cloud, enforcing trusted access through MobileIron Access, preventing unauthorized Macs from accessing services such as Office 365 or Salesforce.

” To attract the best talent, companies should allow their employees to use their favorite edge technologies ,” said Barry Mainz, president and CEO of MobileIron. ” With new features for Mac, business technology managers will not be able to only to secure the current fleets of these equipment, but will allow access to a larger number of employees, through a platform authorized by the company. Security and operational complexity will no longer be an obstacle to the adoption of a Mac in the company . 

MobileIron’s new macOS features extend its current security model and its way of accessing the Mac of employees acquired by the company. Enterprise data is safer and, in a few minutes, desktop administrators can give secure access to e-mail, Wi-Fi, RPV and other professional productivity applications or content repositories to users.