“We knew the developers were willing to run any container, Windows or Linux, on the same machine. It was a furor when we announced this in Dockercon, “has been explained from Microsoft.

Microsoft and Linux are getting closer and closer around the cloud and servers . Now Windows Server developers are putting the finishing touches on Linux containers for the next version of Windows Server 2016.

Patrick Lang, responsible for Windows Server programs, explained that in the newly released  Windows Server version 1709 , Windows Insiders will be able to run Linux containers. General users will be able to do so from the beginning of October when the next official release comes out.

The announcement follows the fact that Windows Server 201 beta users have the ability to run Linux distributions with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) .

According to Lang, since the release of Windows Server 2016 , container adoption has skyrocketed, with many customers using a change approach to migrate existing applications and begin streamlining their deployments by  leveraging their existing Active Directory infrastructure for container applications .

Lang said: “We knew developers were willing to run any container, Windows or Linux, on the same machine . It was a rage when we announced this at Dockercon earlier this year and saw how much demand there was. To do this, the isolation of Hyper-V is implemented to run a Linux kernel with enough operating system to support containers. Since then, we have been working hard to build this technology with  one new feature in Hyper-V, working with the Linux community and contributions to the project Moby open source, where the technology is built Docker “.