The Android version also introduces support for progressive web applications.

Mozilla is trying to gain ground in the browser market with Firefox Quantum , a faster browser that saw the light at the end of 2017 through the number 57 of Firefox.

And their managers continue working on that line, with another update. The new version of Firefox Quantum, which offers protection against tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , is mainly characterized by further accelerating the browsing experience.

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Mozilla has improved its graphics engine , which includes dedicated CPU subprocess, to reduce what is known as jank . The result is a faster and more fluid web , according to its creators, who in a simulation of the heavy execution of JavaScript claim to have improved the frame rate of their browser by 30% , from 31 frames per second to 40.

In the particular case of Firefox for Android, support for PWA has also been introduced , that is, for progressive web applications . This means that mobile Internet users will have the option to add pages as an application on their phones, and then visit them outside the browser interface.

On the other hand, the bookmarks have been retouched to facilitate the visit to sites, replacing the dialogue box with a full screen to view, create and organize folders and favorites.

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