With a 7-inch screen, Kindle Oasis will go on sale Oct. 31. It will cost $ 249 for the 8GB model and $ 280 for the 32GB model.

Amazon today introduced the latest member of its range of Kindle eBooks. The new Kindle Oasis is a device with 7-inch screen , the largest taken by the American company to date, except for the Kindle DX 2009.

With this larger screen, you can fit about 30% more words . Amazon has also increased the resolution to maintain sharpness at 300 ppi and has accelerated the refresh rate to move pages faster.

Another prominent feature of the Amazon Kindle Oasis is waterproofing . Amazon claims to have IPX8 rating, which means that the ebook is designed to be submerged “up to 2 meters in fresh water for 60 minutes.” Naturally, it can also withstand splashes on the beach or in the pool.

It also highlights the integration of Audible audiobooks , although it will not be exclusive to the new model. Amazon has incorporated the WhisperSync feature into its mobile applications, allowing you to pair the eBook with Audible to switch from reading to listening on the fly. The problem is that the Oasis has no headphone jack, so we need Bluetooth headsets, reports TNW .

Other enhancements that include the Oasis are more font sizes , five levels of contrast, black and white reversal and an option for irregular text alignment.

Amazon’s new ebook will cost $ 249 for the 8GB model and $ 280 for the 32GB model, while the mobile model will sell for $ 350. Covers cost between $ 45 and $ 60. You can book the Kindle Oasis today and the first units will be shipped from October 31.