The move to the cloud will provide them with a scalable base according to their growth plans.

Oleo International and Savery Hydraulics have migrated from on-premise QAD ERP to the Cloud version. For more than 60 years, Oleo International has been manufacturing energy absorption systems mainly used in trains, cranes and lifts, with 1 000 000 units in circulation worldwide. The company has offices in the UK, China, India, the United States and Germany and with a worldwide distribution network.

For its part, Savery Hydraulics is a leading expert in the design and manufacture of hydraulic systems, including extensive custom-made systems, electrohydraulic control systems and individual small units. It also provides customized hydraulic power stations and customized manfolds .

Oleo International and Savery Hydraulics have long been QAD customers, and use QAD ERP software at their UK facility and at the Oleo office in China. As both companies are experiencing great growth, with expansion plans in India and other countries, they realized that their hardware was becoming obsolete and needed to be replaced. Hence they decided to review their ERP systems and contemplate the possibility of passing to the Cloud. Following an exhaustive study, both Oleo and Savery chose the QAD ERP in Cloud, which they will deploy first in the UK facilities.

“As we continue to grow and expand internationally, we did not want our ERP to impose a limit on us.” Our intention is that our business processes follow best practices and represent a competitive advantage for the company. QAD, with QAD taking care of the maintenance of the ERP in the cloud, our computer equipment will be able to dedicate itself to strategic projects without having to worry about ERP management ,  said John Adams, chief operating officer.

It will help them reduce costs and avoid the risk that may arise from the use of obsolete hardware

Oleo and Savery have opted for the QAD solution, as it offers full-featured cloud ERP software, which will help them reduce costs and avoid the risk of obsolete hardware. In addition, QAD’s Easy On Boarding methodology will allow the staff of both companies to implement and start using their new ERP with full speed.

The implementation of QAD Cloud ERP will give Oleo and Savery many advantages, including:

  •  The elimination of the risk posed by obsolete hardware.
  •  Reduced system downtime.
  • Predictable annual costs.
  • The ease of climbing according to its growth.