The company has presented Open Release 16 Enhancement Pack 3 for the Internet of Things and information security.

OpenText has been launching its new OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 3 (EP3) platform , which has improved analytical and Artificial Intelligence capabilities through OpenText Magellan.

The solution offers an optimization of the user experience and the integrations of third parties, and incorporates advanced capabilities for the Internet of Things (IoT) and information security through the OpenText EIM platform .

The integration of Artificial Intelligence into the new OpenText tool has been possible thanks to the recent purchase of Covisint and Guidance Software technology.

Now companies have new ways to collect, manage and protect information assets to expand their EIM platform.

EP3 adds several improvements improvements to OpenText Release 16 as the Experience function , which helps business users to quickly implement microsites, modify and publish personalized content, and with the new Media Management Digital Hub , automate and collaborate in the media syndication

For its part, Business Network offers more B2B self-service capabilities in order to improve user control and flexibility, including new functionalities such as personalized alerts defined by the user.

Likewise, Process allows significant advances in low-code development allowing to build more complete and complex applications more quickly. The improvements focus on increasing UI capabilities, the momentum of the

Regarding the content section, the company is committed to optimized preparation for GDPR , more complete integrations with Office 365, simplified user experiences , extended compatibility with SAP Fiori, simpler archiving, mobile capture and rapid application development.

Finally, EP3 incorporates EnCase, the industry standard for collection and preservation of forensic data , to Discovery Suite in order to boost OpenText’s vision on issues of litigation, investigations and compliance.