OVH launches a new service based on Veeam technology to guarantee the continuity of service in companies.

OVH has just unveiled the integration of the V eeam Cloud Connect solution in its secure cloud infrastructure , in order to host copies of data from companies in a remote location that they do not have to manage.

The objective is that the continuity of the activity of the professionals of the companies can be guaranteed when there are incidents such as software or hardware failures, data theft by malicious people or organizations …

Laurent Garcia, Cloud Senior Director at Veeam, states that “Veeam’s vision of the data and service availability strategy is clear, and is based on the” 3-2-1 “principle: three copies of data in two supports, one of them remote “.

In addition, the executive adds that “OVH and its infrastructures facilitate the remote copy of data in a secure cloud service, with additional replication at the level of its infrastructure, which gives this implementation a premium character”.

For its part, Mehdi Bekkai, head of cloud product at OVH, states that “thanks to our collaboration with Veeam, we offer an outsourced backup solution with a clear and all-inclusive formula, which is what companies expected.”