Pi Charging is building a device that can load several electronic devices within a 30-centimeter radius.

After three days of competition, the startup contest of the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017conference already has a winner. California star Pi Charging , or simply Pi , has been imposed on the 22 new companies participating in the battle of startups.

The 22 startups were presented to multiple groups of venture capitalists and technology industry leaders who acted as judges. The initial list was reduced to six finalists : Augmedics, Colormass, Future Family, Matic, Onēva and Pi.

As winner of Startup Battlefield of San Francisco, Pi Charging will take, in addition to the Disrupt Cup, a check for $ 50,000 .

Pi is building a device that can load several electronic devices within a radius of about 30 centimeters. Instead of the concept of charging all the devices present in a room that other companies have been addressing for years, the idea of ​​Pi is simpler and therefore provides more flexibility.

The Pi team uses resonance induction technology, the same concept on which the Qi charge standard is based on the new iPhones and many Android phones. San Bruno startup co-founder John Macdonald said his key is a beam-forming algorithm that allows them to direct a magnetic field to wherever the device is located.

The company has raised $ 3.5 million to date. Pi has not set an exact price for its charger yet, but they expect it to start selling for less than $ 200 sometime in 2018.

As for the runner-up, Onēva allows companies to offer care for the elderly, infants and children, as well as cleaning and other domestic services, as benefits for their employees. All Onēva providers are verified through criminal background checks, referral checks and identity checks.