Pinterest has celebrated the record with new features such as subsections within the panels and Shop the Look features and Instant Ideas.

Although still a long way from Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest continues to increase its user base. Today Thursday, the social network announced that it has reached 200 million monthly active users .

This milestone, which the social network has taken seven years to achieve, comes after a spike in user growth since last year.

Compared to other rival networks, this figure pales in front of the giant Facebook , which has 2 billion active monthly users, and Instagram , which has 700 million. But it does put Pinterest closer to Twitter , with 328 million users, and above Snapchat , which has 173 million monthly active users.

According to CNET , more than 75% of the new users of this social network, based on boards with photos and pins, came from outside the United States, which gives a hint of the increase of the international vocation of Pinterest .

The company has taken advantage of the record of users to present new features , such as subsections within the panels and the possibility of zooming by pinching the screen. Other features, such as Shop the Look and Instant Ideas, are aimed at getting people quickly looking for elements within an image and getting closer to the network, increasing the likelihood that they will become customers for advertisers.