The new version of Pivotal Cloud Foundry is now available along with a preview of the Pivotal Container Service and the new service of the company Pivotal Function Service (PFS).

Pivotal has announced the latest update of its Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform along with a preview of the container service powered by Kubernetes of the company and the launch of a new service without servers.

Pivotal calls its new serverless offer the Pivotal Function Service (PFS). An example of how PFS can help is with financial services customers who only need to run a certain procedure at the end of the day and do not need to have a server that works at all times, he said.

PFS uses short life containers that expand rapidly and then shut down to provide event driven service. The service connects the function, which runs inside a container, to a particular event, Watters said.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), Pivotal’s main platform since the company split with VMware in April 2013, is based on Cloud Foundry’s open source platform as a service (PaaS) project. The PaaS market has changed in the last four years and so has Pivotal, so the new Kubernetes and serverless projects are important for the company and its customers.

“We are incorporating new first class entities into Pivotal Cloud Foundry in response to evolving market demand,” said James Watters, senior vice president of strategy at Pivotal.

Beyond the central PaaS functionality provided by Cloud Foundry, Pivotal now also supports the use of containers as a service with the Pivotal Container Service (PKS), which was announced at the VMworld 2017 conference on August 29. PKS uses the open source container Kubernetes orchestration system along with the BOSH lifecycle management capabilities of Cloud Foundry.