Open source contracting has been hampered by the lack of trained professionals.

The Linux Foundation has released the sixth annual report to provide an overview of open source career trends, along with the factors that motivate industry professionals, and the methods employers employ to attract and retain talents. The 2017 report, developed in cooperation with Dice, research follows the approach taken in the report last year, focusing on all aspects of software open source.

More than 280 recruitment managers and more than 1,800 open source professionals around the world participated in the survey. Almost 90% of hiring managers showed the difficulty in acquiring qualified talent for open source jobs . They expected to hire more professionals for open source positions than for other roles in the next six months.

“If talent can not equip candidates with the skills and knowledge needed for new jobs, technology development could stagnate,” said George McFerran, executive vice president of product and marketing at Dice.

However, the gap between jobs and skilled workers is widening as companies strive to reduce time to market with innovative products and gain greater efficiency in open source operations.

67% of managers expect hiring open source professionals to grow more than other areas of their business in the next six months. The most demanded open source skills are cloud, application development, big data , DevOps and security.