In the wearables market everything will become enabled for artificial intelligence (AI). “The Fossil partnership with Qualcomm will make it possible,” according to the company.

Qualcomm continues to put emphasis on the wearables segment. Qualcomm’s senior director of Product Management, Atheros Pankaj Kedia, has said that the chip giant will double its game in this market.

“We have seen some of our competitors announce their withdrawal from the wearables market. Qualcomm, however, is doubling its investment because at the moment we are a winning player and we intend to continue to be. In the next two to three years, consumers will see our growth in this environment, “Kedia explained at the 4G / 5G Qualcomm Summit in Hong Kong.

When in Qualcomm they talk about wearables they refer to devices from head to toe. Qualcomm’s “holistic” vision of technology, apparel, shoes, and apparel networked.

“Because we are investing in specific chipsets for wearable devices we can drive market growth and we can do so in a leading way in which most of the wearables that are sold are based on Qualcomm technology,” explained the manager.

Wearables are getting smarter thanks to improvements in artificial intelligence (AI), automated learning, connectivity, sensors, cloud and biometric capabilities. “Such advances raise security concerns and that’s why wearable developers are using platforms based on our Snapdragon technology,” said Kedia.

Everything, eventually, will be enabled for AI and here the association of Fossil with Qualcomm will make it possible.

According to Kedia, the company currently has a market share of over 85% in the Android Wear space, having launched its Snapdragon Wear 2100 platform in June for Android-based products along with its Cat-based solutions 1 and Cat M1 and its CSR102X Low Power Bluetooth Solutions for Smart Clothing as well.