Strategic consulting firm Quint Wellington Redwood and Big Data expert Target Holding join forces in the European market.

Strategic consulting firm Quint Wellington Redwood has reached an agreement with Target Holding whereby the two companies will use the combination of their knowledge and experience to realize the full potential of Big Data and translate it into practical applications that allow to optimize the value of the data in the digital transformation experienced by many organizations today. The practical application of artificial intelligence as well as machine learning are within the reach of many companies in a wide variety of sectors such as energy and utilities, media and entertainment, health and public services, among others.

Nowadays, the true assets of companies are data, and the ability to manage them in the right way is what determines one of the main competitive advantages of organizations. Our agreement with Target allows us to help our clients transform their business with an end-to-end vision, from optimizing processes to identifying new business models, “explains Antonio Crespo, Managing Partner of Quint Wellington Redwood Iberia and Latin America .

Pioneers in Big Data

” We were present at the time of the birth of Big Data in the Netherlands. Hence, in recent years we have accumulated an enormous amount of knowledge and experience on the development of advanced self-learning algorithms in very large and complex datasets, and on related platforms such as Hadoop and Apache Spark. This means that we are in a position to assist our clients in resolving innovative and disruptive big data issues. Now is the time to make this experience more accessible to our customers , “said Gert-Jan van Dijk, CEO of Target, a pioneering public-private consortium at Big Data.

As a result of this agreement, an accessible and comprehensive portfolio of training courses related to data analysis has also been developed . The goal of this shared portfolio is to enable the training of our client’s staff, rather than customers having to outsource structural resources. Data analysis and management are becoming a critical business capability that is paramount for business.