Combine business-level Kubernetes and an in-memory data analysis engine for the development of integrated big-data landscapes.

Red Hat just announced the  availability of the SAP Vora solution in the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform , an integrated solution that combines enterprise-level Kubernetes with processable Big Data information.

Thanks to the combined technologies of Red Hat and SAP, companies can organize data of almost any volume, speed and variety , taking advantage of them to drive faster and smarter business decisions as a component of a business and consolidated big data hub.

Running on Kubernetes clusters and Linux containers with OpenShift technology, SAP Vora provides users with containerized engines and analytics services and collects large volumes of data through Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop and directly from cloud environments for use in actionable business intelligence.

For its part, Red Hat OpenShift stands out for offering a scalable platform on which these capabilities can be executed , integrating containerized services and SAP Vora resources for a unified and flexible offer.

The integrated offer allows access to analytics Big Data On-demand in-memory,  easier management of Big Data analytics at scale , easier integration of SAP Vora with SAP HANA and better support for agile development in cases of Big Data use .