In October 2015 Red Hat acquired Ansible and publicly committed to making Ansible Tower an open source project.

Red Hat has announced a series of updates for its Ansible automation platform , including version 3.2 of Ansible Tower and a new open source project that will help manage the DevOps configuration.

The new open source AWX project is the foundation on which Ansible Tower is built, with the 3.2 update now available on the market. Ansible Tower is an enterprise-class automation platform and so far it has not been an open source project in itself. Red Hat acquired Ansible in October 2015 and publicly committed to making Ansible Tower an open source project.

The Ansible open source configuration management platform has also been expanded with the new Ansible Engine product , which will provide additional support capabilities to enterprises.

“So far Ansible Tower was licensed, but now AWX is for Ansible Tower as Fedora is Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Wildfly is JBoss EAP and OpenShift Origin is Red Hat OpenShift,” said Justin Nemmers, CEO of Ansible in Red Hat.

Although the AWX open source project is new , the name “AWX” is not. Until version 1.4 in 2014, Ansible Tower was commercially qualified and sold as AWX.

The new Ansible Tower 3.2 update is the first based on AWX’s open source code , as the previous version of Ansible Tower 3.1, which debuted on February 28, was released as a patented product. Among the new features of Ansible Tower 3.2 is the support for connectable security credentials.