One of the big criticisms of Bitcoin is its eco-balance: The miners who produce the virtual coins are working hard to solve cryptographic puzzles that have only one purpose: to generate bitcoins. The scaffolding behind the virtual currency makes it impossible to use this invested computing power for meaningful tasks.

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With Ripple you now have the opportunity to mine and doing something good. However, the words “mine” and “generate” are not completely correct. Ripples are not created, they already exist. Anyone who mints ripples only participates in a distribution or a giveaway.

RippleLabs has given users the opportunity to earn Ripples by participating in the World Community Grid (WCG). WCG is a global infrastructure that uses participants’ unused computing power to compute scientific tasks in the cloud. Current projects include “Mapping Cancer Markers”, “Computing for Clean Water” or ” FightAIDS @ home “. Numerous projects have already been completed [ ].

In order to donate private computing resources to WCG and receive ripples, follow the instructions on [ ]. It’s a bit complicated, but with a little patience, it’s quite possible:

Open a ripple wallet (see above)

Register with WCG [ ]

  • After installing the BOINC-Manager you have to login with the username and password at WCG.
  • Subsequently, the BOINC-Manage uses excess computing power for the selected projects. One will notice this alone because the computer runs much slower. In the task manager you can see how much memory the application consumes. In the normal operating state of a computer, it should be by far the largest running application.


After all this is done, the XRP should gradually start to spin on the wallet while the calculator solves scientific tasks. The amount of distributed XRP is very small compared to the number of participants. To get only the XRP necessary to activate the ripple wallet, you have to spend several days calculating time. Presumably the value of the developed XRP currently does not correspond to the power consumption due to the additional work of the processor. In addition, there are a few reports in the Ripple Forum about failed payouts. Nevertheless, the program is so popular that the Ripple Labs team, with nearly 20,000 members, has become by far the most successful team in the World Community Grid .