The company has already made its first investment, while increasing its efforts in self-conduction with new measures.

Since in 2015 Samsung established a unit focused on the development of technology linked to autonomous driving, the commitment of the corporation in this business has only grown. They recently expanded their testing with vehicles equipped with their tools to California, after starting in May to test them on the roads of South Korea.

Now, the Korean company has decided to dedicate more economic efforts to the subject, through the financing of projects or related companies. The company has created the Samsung Automotive Innovation Fund, a $ 300 million fund focused exclusively on investments in self-driving initiatives.

As the company explains in a statement , this fund will focus on “connected cars and standalone technologies, including intelligent sensors, automatic vision, artificial intelligence, high performance computing, connectivity solutions, automotive safety, security and privacy solutions.”

The fund has already chosen its first investment, which will be in the firm of security controls and robust network TTTech . This company will receive 75 million from Samsung to accelerate its technology for self-guided vehicles. In addition, the companies have signed a strategic collaboration agreement.

It has not been the only advertisement related to Samsung, which participates in the Frankfurt International Motor Show. HARMAN, a Korean company acquired for $ 8 billion a few months ago, has created a strategic business unit for advanced driving assistance and self-employed systems, HARMAN SBU .

This new arm will work with the Smart Machine team at Samsung’s Innovation and Strategy Center to develop technologies to improve the safety and efficiency of connected vehicles.

The Seoul-based company has reiterated that it will not enter into the vehicle manufacturing business, focusing on working with manufacturers and suppliers.