As expected, earnings have grown to a record high. Up to 14.53 trillion South Korean won (almost 13,000 million dollars).

In addition to announcing a new leadership team, Samsung Electronics has presented its financial results for the third quarter of 2017. And, as expected , it has broken records.

And it is that its operating profits rose to 14.53 trillion won South Korean , which is 9.33 trillion more than those collected during the same quarter of 2016. In exchange, the gains have been almost 13 billion US dollars.

Meanwhile, the revenue item has risen by 14.23 trillion to 62.05 trillion South Korean won. That is, above 55,500 million dollars.

Most of the revenue comes from the mobile communications and IT division , which contributes 27.69 trillion South Korean won. It is followed by the semiconductor business , the consumer electronics division and the panel segment . However, it is the semiconductor business that brings the most profits: 9.96 trillion South Korean won versus 3.29 trillion won for mobile communications and IT. Behind are the panels and consumer electronics.

From Samsung , the demand for memory chipsets for servers and mobile devices stand out as contributors to good performance . Also noteworthy is the level of shipments of Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy J. Series. Other products that would be having pull are QLED TVs and flexible OLED displays for phones.