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The mass production of Aquabolt, an 8 GB and 2.4 Gbps HBM2 solution, has already begun.

Samsung Electronics is moving forward in high bandwidth memory with an evolution of its 8GB HBM2.

Name Aquabolt , the HBM2 memory of second generation of Samsung has begun mass production under the promise to deliver “the transmission speed faster market data.” Its managers highlight that it has a data transfer speed of 2.4 Gbps per pin.

“With our production of the first HBM2 of 8 GB and 2.4 Gbps , we are further strengthening our technology leadership and market competitiveness”, valued Jaesoo Han, executive vice president of memory sales team and marketing in the South Korean company. The goal is to boost the segment of graphics cards and supercomputing.

It is estimated that this solution improves performance by package by almost 50% compared to the first generation of 8 GB HBM2.

A single HBM2 package will provide a bandwidth of 307 GBps, which will accelerate some 9.6 times the data transmission compared to what is possible with an 8 Gb GDDR5 chip.

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