The number of orders, made in five days in 40 countries, is according to the company the pre-sale of a device Note faster seen to date.

The same day that Apple will present its iPhone 8, Samsung has released the first order data Galaxy Note 8 , introduced three weeks ago . 650,000 units of South Korean phablet have been reserved in five days in 40 countries.

This figure is, according to the company, the presale of a device Note faster seen to date. By way of comparison, its predecessor, Note 7, recorded orders 2.5 times smaller at the same time, reports TechCrunch .

The chairman of Samsung’s mobile business division described this initial consumer response as “very encouraging.” It did so at a press event in South Korea where they also dropped the possibility that Samsung would incorporate a folding device to the Note line next year.

Note 8 is expected to begin commercialization this Friday, September 15. The price of phablet in Spain is 1,010 euros for both the normal model and the dual SIM, above the average of premium high-end smartphones, even than planned for the new Apple iPhone X.

The behavior of Note 8 is key to the Asian company, in order to see if its line of phablets can rebound after the disaster of Note 7, that had a serious impact on the reputation of Samsung, as well as in its balance. At the moment, it seems that the company’s commitment not to incorporate many new features into the model is working.