The Asian company stresses that “the true potential of IoT industrial will be achieved with solutions that guarantee interoperability”.

The OPC Foundation welcomes a new member. This organization that focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) industrial grows with the addition of Samsung Electronics .

Samsung Electronics is a corporate member to work on its manufacturing infrastructures with an interoperable industrial platform. The OPC Foundation provides precisely protocol and data interoperability with fully independent open source specifications and implementations .

“The true potential of IoT industrial will be achieved with solutions that ensure interoperability between business domains, where they are independent of vendors and platforms in the market,” says Kyeongwoon Lee, senior vice president of IoT at Samsung Electronics

“As one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, we see the great value proposition of the OPC Foundation in terms of protocol interoperability that enables seamless industrial IoT services, ” adds Lee. ” In particular, the OPC Foundation offers promising solutions framework OPC UA not only in terms of specifications, but implementations open source reliable, ensuring the OPC UA certification , ” says the manager.

To date there are more than half a thousand industry vendors and software developers who collaborate in creating these OPC specifications.