The company has not revealed exactly what specific technology it intends to test.

The stage of autonomous driving in the United States will soon receive a new actor. Samsung has obtained the authorization of the authorities of California to test its technology of autoconducción in the highways of the state. The company has confirmed to Reuters the approval of DMV, the department responsible for traffic in the state, through a statement.

The Korean company has not revealed exactly what tool it is going to test in the United States, but its willingness to help “a future in smarter and safer transportation.” Samsung has clarified that it has no “plans to enter the vehicle manufacturing business,” which opens up a number of possibilities, such as the development of the technology and then selling it to third parties or a potential alliance with an automotive company.

Samsung’s entry into the auto-driving sector in the United States comes four months after they received permission from traffic regulators in South Korea to perform road tests with vehicles equipped with its technology. What was then tested were sensors and software to improve driving in adverse weather conditions , based on artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Far from being limited to vehicle manufacturers or companies directly related to the sector, autonomous driving technology is attracting attention from agents from multiple fields.

With this move, Samsung also faces its main rival in the field of smartphones, Apple , in another field. The Cupertino company was able in April to obtain the corresponding license from the California DMV to test cars with its autoconduction technology. Now Samsung will also join companies like Apple or Google’s subsidiary, Waymo, or Uber, which are already conducting their tests.