The Mobile Security Rewards Program covers a total of 38 devices and solutions such as Bixby, Samsung Account, Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass.

Samsung Electronics will reward security researchers for vulnerabilities in their mobile products.

It will do so through the recently announced Mobile Security Rewards Program , which aims to strengthen both mobile devices and associated software . Thus, this program covers all those Samsung branded mobile devices that are receiving security updates with monthly and quarterly cadence. This makes a total of 38 terminals . Account will also be taken of reports on problems in mobile services such as Bixby, Samsung Account, Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass .

The payment that investigators will receive depends on both the severity of the vulnerability and the ability to deliver a proof of concept. The maximum set is $ 200,000 .

“As part of our commitment to security,” said Injong Rhee, executive vice president and chief of R & D, software and services, Mobile Communications Business Samsung Electronics, “Samsung is proud to work closely with the research community of security to ensure that all our products are monitored closely and continuously “to detect” any possible vulnerability. ”