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SAP deepens in the IoT world


Launches several new Internet solutions from Things with technology and real cases of innovation.

SAP has launched several new Internet solutions of the Things during the SAP Leonardo Live, the global conference that celebrates the 11 and 12 of July in Frankfurt (Germany). These new solutions are part of SAP Leonardo and incorporate the latest advances in Big Data and analytics, as well as the ability to connect people, things and companies with SAP Cloud Platform, as well as technologies such as machine learning in order to establish IoT strategies and Industry 4.0 in the areas of asset management, manufacturing and digital logistics .

New solutions include:

•  SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge , a configurable, role-based digital control center that gives operations managers greater visibility and ability to act in real time.

•  SAP Global Track and Trace , a cloud-based offering for complete tracking, monitoring and reporting of business objects and processes across supply chain networks.

•  SAP Leonardo IoT Edge , a software to bring business semantics, storage and computing across the cloud to the place where intelligent devices reside outside the data center in order to achieve deterministic and near-real-time performance of business processes.

•  SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights , a centralized, cloud-based manufacturing performance management solution that provides global visibility into manufacturing and enables process optimization.

•  SAP Asset Manager , a cloud-based mobile app to manage security, maintenance, inventory and asset status.

” Less than a year ago we announced our commitment to invest and grow our IoT business ,” said Tanja Rueckert, president, IoT and Digital Supply Chain, SAP. ” With SAP Leonardo as a digital innovation system, our new solutions and the many customers and partners who are demonstrating real-life use cases at SAP Leonardo Live, we are defining the path to digital transformation with an innovation that can encompass the whole organization . ”