Software AG will bring components from your Digital Business Platform to the MindSphere operating system.

Siemens AG and Software AG have announced a collaboration in the internet of things field, also known as IoT.

This collaboration will be aimed at boosting the presence of the Open IoT operating system MindSphere , which is based on the Siemens cloud, by the different sectors of the industry.

MindSphere delivers a development platform with which to integrate applications and services, and Software AG wants to help manage the millions of connected devices by providing the platform with scalable components of its Digital Business Platform .

On the occasion of the alliance, its managers say that the joint technology of both companies will serve to simplify the capture and analysis of data that are generating products, systems and plants. Machines such as computers, televisions, cars, airplanes and appliances, among others, should be able to connect to MindSphere to collect and study their data before sending them back to virtual prototypes.

“By joining the high-performance components of our Digital Business Platform to MindSphere, users will have new opportunities to exploit the full potential of their data to gain great competitive advantages ,  says Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO of Software AG, who says that, “In this way, we will strengthen the IoT operating system.”

For his part Jan Mrosik, CEO of Digital Factory Division in Siemens AG, notes that “with MindSphere as a key component of our Suite Digital Enterprise we provide optimal support for industrial companies that want to advance successfully in their digital transformation .