Skychain provides an infrastructure to house medical neural networks, which will be trained using large data sets.

There are numerous movies and novels in which computers appear that make diagnoses and reduce medical errors. That is, until now nobody has been able to create an effective medical system driven by artificial intelligence. This being the case, Skychain promises to revolutionize the health industry, using two innovative technologies: blockchain and artificial intelligence .

The project , created by four Russian scientists, provides an infrastructure to house medical neural networks , which will be trained using large data sets – clinical patient records, reference data and medical research – loaded into the system by data providers.

As a result, Skychain will be able to make more accurate diagnoses, prescribe medical treatments and adjust the prescribed treatment as soon as new information becomesavailable. Patients, doctors and other healthcare providers can use Skychain online paying for each use of any neural network hosted by Skychain with its internal currency, the Skycoin, informs TNW .

The platform aims to compete, and beat, Watson Health , the medical advisor driven by artificial intelligence of the giant IBM. Its main asset: the reward system for data providers and developers who join the system, reducing the cost of the large amount of data necessary for the training of neural networks.

Another advantage is security . Skychain will provide an open, distributed and secure hosting platform for independent neural networks, which means that the intellectual property of each participant will be protected.

It also highlights the plurality of the platform. Unlike Watson, any participant in Skychain can host their medical neural networks in the system. Each neural network will be assigned a rating based on feedback, so there will be a natural selection in the system.

And finally, another important difference with Watson health is Skychain’s use of distributed computing technologies based on blockchain principles .

Skychain , which has been working since January this year, will be selling its first tokens on Monday 18, at a price of 50 cents per Skycoin. The company expects to have the infrastructure ready by June 2018, when it will launch the Alpha version of Skychain. By December 2018, the Beta version would arrive, with more health data providers, artificial intelligence medical developers and participating hospitals. Finally, Skychain’s commercial launch is scheduled for June 2019.