Now it will be possible to paste links from Paper to Slack and get details of content and the latest updates of a document, for example.

In order to facilitate tasks for teams using different programs to relate, Dropbox and Slack have announced an alliance.

This alliance gives rise to Dropbox Paper for Slack . Or, what is the same, the integration between Dropbox Paper and Slack , so that the collaborators can stay abreast of the updates that are produced and find information with ease.

In particular, thanks to this integration it will be possible to paste links from Paper to Slack and get a detailed preview of the document to which each link belongs. The data provided will be title, first paragraphs, first image, date of last update and person who made the changes.

Also directly from the Slack chat, there will be the option to create a new Paper document .

Another advantage has to do with finding documents already created from Paper without leaving Slack , to add context to the conversation.

All this is consistent with the recent role of Slack Shared Channels to share space with people outside the company.