Compared with the 1.470 million units placed in 2016, IDC expects the final figure to reach 1,700 million by 2021.

In 2016, the smartphone market only grew by 2.5%. It was his first single-digit growth.

So now, “the great turning point that everyone is waiting to see,” according to IDC , it would be the moment in which this market suffers “its first year-on-year fall.” But it seems that this will not be this year, nor the next, not even in 2021.

This consultancy believes that shipments of smartphones worldwide will remain positiveover the next five years. Compared to the 1.470 million smartphones placed in 2016, by 2021 the final figure should be around 1.7 billion .

“The two major catalysts for continued growth are bringing new users to the smartphoneand maintaining life cycles near the age of two , ” said Ryan Reith, vice president of the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Device Trackers program. “By the end of 2016, we estimated that about half of the world’s population was using a smartphone , leaving plenty of room for new users.”

“Despite the very high levels of saturation in mature markets such as North America, Western Europe, Korea and Japan, we continue to see that most users replace their phones almost every two years,” adds Reith.

“We expect these trends to continue during the forecast,” says this expert.