Snap Spectacles Do not Convince Their Buyers

Less than half of the owners of the glasses continue to use them on a regular basis the month of purchase.

Snap has recently emphasized its intention to define itself as a camera company, diversifying its business beyond the ephemeral messaging application Snapchat , which is its original service, to bet on the hardware.

In this line they launched last fall their first device: the Spectacles , a pair of sunglasses with built-in video camera to make videos of 10 seconds that later to share directly through the app. Initially for sale in the United States, since June they can also be purchased in Spain .

But the company’s efforts to make the hardware a bet for the future may not be well on track. Snap internal data accessed by BusinessInsider means that less than half of Spectacles owners continue to use it just four weeks after they get their hands on it. In addition, according to an internal source, a notable percentage of eyeglass buyers (not defined) would stop using them after the first week.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel recently revealed that they had sold 150,000 units of this product, a figure that would exceed their initial estimates of around 100,000 sales. However, The Information published this Monday that the company has stored hundreds of thousands of Spectacles , both fully assembled and in parts, which would indicate that their expectations are well above the actual sales.

Neither do the recent news of layoffs and reorganization in the hardware division of Snap favor the balance of the success of the glasses .

Since the company has refused to comment on this information, explaining instead that Snap are working on improving software updates and highlighting the high number of positive evaluations that have Spectacles on the Amazon website.