The Californian social network has an ambitious plan to increase the monetization of the messaging application.

Facebook wants to improve the revenue that it obtains from WhatsApp and for it will try new and interesting functions focused on the customer service, something that we gave some details last week.

Now, Facebook has explained   in an official statement that these developments will be aimed at communication between users and businesses .

Specifically, they point out that these are new tools that are being tested through a special WhatsApp application for small businesses , as well as a solution aimed at larger companies that operate on a global scale , such as airlines, webs e-commerce and banks.

On the other hand, Matt Idema, director of operations for WhatsApp, has indicated in an interview for the Wall Street Journal , that for the future its intention is to charge companies for the use of that special version of WhatsApp.

The executive did not go into details about the features that will be paid or around the date that will definitely see the news, and simply noted that they still have to outline the detailsof their monetization.