Is malware a concern exclusively for Android? How have threats evolved for the iPhone in recent years? Trend Micro does a review.

Shielding computer devices to keep cybercriminals away is a necessity that, over time, has been shifting from computers to smaller devices like the mobile phone.

There is still a need to protect the PC, and also the Macs, but now computers are not the only possible victims. With the popularization of tablets and smartphones , mobile devices have become a more evil target. “While the appearance of the iPhone – and the wave of numerous smartphones that accompanied it – has meant great comfort and a revolution for all, has also brought consequences for cybersecurity,” confirms security firm Trend Micro.

And is that, according to its calculations, currently there are about 21.4 million malicious mobile applications . Threats even thwart official application stores, despite efforts to stop them.

But how has it come to this point? What is the history of mobile security? When did it all start? And how have malicious programs evolved as Apple, which just released phones, launched new models of iPhone and competition did the same with their proposals? Is malware an exclusive concern of Android, the most popular system to date? All this can be summarized as follows, following the explanations of Trend Micro itself , with special emphasis on the experience of the iPhone now that the first ten years are fulfilled.